$49.00 Weekly Maintenance Services

  • Once per week on our crew comes out to perform maintenance.
  • Our crew will come on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday as the schedule and route allows. The day of the visit may vary within this from week to week, mostly during the opening and closing season.
  • We only have trained and qualified service technicians on staff. We do not hire students or subcontractor’s to attend to any of our customers.
  • When the crew arrives they will take a water sample to be tested with our professional water test equipment at our store. They will also test the water on site.
  • Our crew will vacuum the pool, skim the surface, and brush the walls. We will also scrub the scum line, stairs, and skimmer. The crew will have their own equipment and will not use the customer’s vacuum, hose, net, or brush.
  • We empty all skimmers and pump baskets of any debris. If baskets are damaged (from regular wear and tear) a new basket will be supplied and added to your invoice following week.
  • The system will get a 3 to 5 minute backwash and a 30 second to 1 minute rinse after the vacuuming has been completed.Based on the results of the water sample, we deliver and add chemicals as required. We will only supply the chemicals required for that week from the large dealer sized bucket the crew carry with them in their trucks.
  • Please note that the cost of these chemicals is in addition to the labour cost of the visit.

Providing pool chemicals in this manner allows us to sell chemicals at the best possible rate since customers are not paying for the packaging and labeling of several smaller containers.

Reducing the containers used also helps protect the environment by reducing waste.

With this method customers no longer have to store the chemicals, which means they will not get damaged by water, stolen, or expire. It also means children and pets will not be able to accidently expose themselves to it.

We have found that this creates more consistent invoices.