Safety Covers

Our pool services include a safety cover one of the most essential components in any backyard multi barriers safety system. These high load carrying covers completely block access to the pool, while still allowing an adult to walk on the surface. A strong safety cover, securely anchored into the deck, can prevent access to the pool—and in some areas, can earn the homeowner a discount on their liability insurance. A safety cover is like a trampoline, stretched over the pool, able to support far in excess of that associated with humans and animals. Visit our manufacturer for more information:


Getting a new liner allows you to customize the look of your backyard, as they come in a wide variety of patterns and colours.  Over time, liners can fade and become brittle which makes them more susceptible to leaking.  A new liner will give your pool a beautiful new appearance and give you peace of mind.  Please contact us for a free quote on a custom-made liner and installation. For more details visit

Leak Detection

Undetected leaks can be both costly and damaging to your pool.  Summertime’s professionally trained technicians have the experience and technology to accurately locate leaks in liners and underground pipes.  Once the problem has been located, we will work quickly to make the necessary repairs.

Repairs and Renovations

Summertime’s highly qualified service technicians are able to troubleshoot any issues you may have with your pool or equipment.  Whether it is a leaking pump, or new stairs and pool deck, you can be assured our technicians are up to the job.  We are happy to offer a wide range of services including motor, pump, filter or heater replacement, as well as underground line repair, skimmers, salt systems, pool automation, and much more.

Maintenance Program

Summertime’s maintenance crews will be happy to keep your pool chemistry balanced so your water stays blue and clear.  Our crews will vacuum your pool, backwash the system, scrub the waterline, and clean your baskets.  We will also test your water at our professional test center, deliver and add all the required balancing chemicals for you.